MANY people would assume that those in the recycling sector usually deal with the odd broken chair or a rusty bedside table.

However, 5 Star Recycling in Worcester has diminished these ideas after the owner, Terry Gorman, revealed the strangest (and quite common) items he has recycled over the years.

The team had picked up a stripper's pole this week from someone's home, which had led to a Facebook appeal to find it a good home.

Mr Gorman said his business deals with many pick-up requests and tends to go to people's homes in the county to clear out the house after situations like a divorce or if someone has died.

"We have found loads of things," he said.

Cotswold Journal: A female blow-up doll was found by the team.A female blow-up doll was found by the team. (Image: 5 Star Recycling)"We mainly deal with house clearances and find many random things like toys.

"It's not weird, but it is in a way, as it is always from the people you would least expect."

5 Star Recycling posts some items on Facebook of what they have found, and in the majority of cases, it gets recycled unless someone messages them saying they want it.

Among the most random items he found was a female blow-up doll, which he also received messages from members of the public wanting to collect.

He said that the item was immediately recycled and not handed to anyone.

Another strange situation Mr Gorman has found himself in is clearing out a home with a large satanic star painted on the floor with a chest of draws filled with sex toys in the same room.

"If I had a home and had called the tip to come round, I would have gotten rid of items like that myself, but some people do not care.

"I love how brave people are about it and not caring."

5 Star Recycling is a licenced and insured rubbish removal and scrap metal recycling company which travels across Worcestershire.

It aims to reduce as much waste going into landfills as possible.