A new bistro has welcomed its first guests before officially opening soon in Evesham town centre. 

Owners of Felton's Bistro and Wine, Nicola Marsh and Tom Bignell welcomed the restaurant's first guests in an open evening on April 20. 

Approximately 35 people attended, filling the restaurant, including town councillor Robert Raphael, various suppliers including the butcher, family and friends as well as lots of other people who helped to set up the business.

Cotswold Journal: Vine street: Felton's Bistro and Wine Vine street: Felton's Bistro and Wine (Image: Nicola Marsh)

Miss Marsh said: "It was fantastic, we invited people to have a taste of the menu and we served mini versions of all the dishes. 

"We are trying to use local produce as much as possible, so we invited a lot of suppliers as well as friends and family."

The bistro has since released a sample menu "which is not a million miles away" to show customers what they can expect. 

Cotswold Journal: Sample menu: Felton's Bistro and WineSample menu: Felton's Bistro and Wine (Image: Nicola Marsh)

Miss Marsh continued: "I am not nervous, I am excited, I cant wait for us to open and showcase what we can do.

"We have had lots of bookings from all over Evesham for this weekend and we cant wait to welcome people properly.

"We have travelled a lot and the menu has a lot of things that we like to eat. 

"All we wanted to do, was to create a place where we would want to go and eat or drink. 

"We want it to be a socially friendly space with a good atmosphere, good food and good wine.

"I would particularly recommend either the chicken or the sea trout."

Rather than having a specials board, the restaurant will change its menu daily to reflect the specials of the day. 

Cotswold Journal: Friendly atmosphere: Felton's Bistro and WineFriendly atmosphere: Felton's Bistro and Wine (Image: Nicola Marsh)

The couple, who have lived in Evesham for the past five years, are no strangers to the hospitality industry, having previously owned and operated Yellow Brick Bistro in Moreton-in-Marsh. 

Felton's Bistro and Wine is located on Vine street and replaced the previous café, Delicious. 

The couple have always believed that Evesham needed a neighbourhood bistro and so they sold their business in Moreton to focus on Felton's Wine and Bistro.

The name of the business is inspired by the building itself, being called Felton's wine merchant in the 1850's.

The restaurant officially opens on Thursday April 25.