Southerndown Care Home in Chipping Norton has announced that next week's regular book club meeting will feature a reading from one of the club founder's published pieces.

The club, open to both residents and the local community, was started by Southerndown resident and successful author, Mr Colin Jack, last year.

Mr Jack will read from one of his seven books, 'The Curious Case of Mrs Hudson’s Cat', published in 1997.

It is a collection of short stories inspired by Sherlock Holmes.

Known in Oxford as a former physicist and British author, Mr Jack has written many short stories, most notably his popular science pieces.

His expertise lies in mathematical paradoxes and mysteries.

He has made valuable contributions to Oxford university life with talks at the Oxford University Physics Society and Oxford University Scientific Society.

The special event will occur at Southerndown on April 30 at 10.30am, where Mr Jack will answer questions following his reading.

Staff and residents of the facility, along with special guests, invite the public to attend.

Southerndown Care Home is managed by Barchester Healthcare, a major UK care provider.