A venue recently voted 'one of the best regional art galleries in Britain' is currently exhibiting works by nine influential British artists.

The John Davies Gallery in Moreton is hosting the exhibition, which includes pieces from internationally celebrated composer Dr Marc Yeats and the late David Prentice, among others.

Dr Yeats, famous for his musical compositions, will have his work debuted by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra in May.


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He is now also showcasing his painting talent in the 'Contemporary Modernist Painters' exhibition.

His artwork, primarily oil on panel or mixed-media, portrays vivid and dynamic portrayals of the English countryside.

The exhibition also features works from the late David Prentice, a celebrated artist and co-founder of the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham.

His pieces are part of collections housed in prestigious institutions such as the House of Commons and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Other artists represented in the exhibition include David Tress, known for his personal depictions of Pembrokeshire landscapes, and Nick Heap, whose abstract works are part of the esteemed UK National Collection.

Exhibitors also include ex-architect Julia Chance, 'Contemporary British Painters' member Ruth Philo, next generation 'St Ives artist' Neil Canning, abstract artist Jerry Browning, and nearby Cheltenham artist Andrew Watt.

Over 100 artworks, varying from representational to semi-abstract and virtually abstract, are on display in the exhibition, which will be open to the public until Saturday, May 11.

The exhibition is open from Tuesday to Friday, between 10.30am and 4.30pm, and Saturday between 11am and 4pm.