A LEAKING cesspit is causing a stink among residents of an idyllic Cotswold town 18 months after it was reported.

Residents of Chipping Campden first raised the issue over 18 months ago and the problem has yet to be resolved. 

The cesspit is in front of the Royal Mail sorting office and continues to leak onto the busy public highway, despite the company acknowledging the situation. 

Cotswold District councillor, Tom Stowe said: "I have been aware of this issue for around 18 months now. 

"Nobody really knows what it is, it could be human excrement but it's certainly a cause for concern. 

"It stinks during the summer months and washes away during the winter into the surrounding environment. 

"The town council have tried to address the issue to no avail so we have stepped in."

Cotswold Journal:

Since then, the issue has been escalated to the Environment and Regulatory services team which contacted Royal Mail management, which said it was aware of the issue and that the tank was due to be drained and repaired. 

That was about eight weeks ago and the issue has still not been resolved. 

Mr Stowe continued: "It's a disgrace, they are ignoring their environmental responsibility. 

"I go to town council meetings every month and at every one, residents ask for updates about the cesspit. 

"The staff at the sorting centre are very cooperative and they are also frustrated with the lack of action. 

"If this was a smaller, locally owned business it would have been resolved straight away."

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: "This is an ongoing matter and one that we are committed to resolving. 

"Currently, it is unconfirmed whether the leak originates from the tank itself or if there is an issue outside the boundary of the premises. 

"The matter has been escalated and we will be carrying out further maintenance."