In efforts to raise awareness for anxiety in dogs, a canine massage therapist has authored a book written from a dog's perspective.

Ruth McDonagh, a former Evesham and Cotswold Journal journalist turned therapist based in Winchcombe, has written the book with hopes of assisting pet owners whose dogs are suffering from stress and anxiety.

Ms McDonagh said: "We all love our dogs and want to give them the best lives we can.


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"But sometimes a human’s view of what a dog’s ‘best life’ is, has them barking up the wrong tree and actually does the dog more harm than good."

She added: “Treating dogs like children, humanising them and letting them rule the roost, can lead to dogs developing emotional and behavioural problems.

"They can become co-dependent on their human and are unable to relax or behave calmly. This is very unhealthy for them, physically and mentally."

This issue has been compounded by the significant increase in dog ownership during the pandemic.

Ms McDonagh expanded: "Many first-time, inexperienced dog owners were unable to socialise their puppies or get professional help and some chose breeds unsuited to their lifestyles.

"This combination of factors has created a calamitous canine storm with the dogs at its heart."

In her book, titled ‘They’re All Barking,’ A Dog’s Guide to Human Behaviour, 'Professor Daniel Springer-Spaniel' explores the canine-human relationship from a dog's viewpoint.

It includes real-world case studies showing the consequences of neglecting 'good dog husbandry'.

Ms McDonagh, also a Practitioner of Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB), believes that dogs are deeply affected by human stress and emotions.

She said: "I see many dogs who suffer with anxiety and stress-related issues and this in turn affects their behaviour.

"Dogs absorb stress like we do and it can affect them deeply."

The book aims to underline the sensitivity and intelligence of canines, and explain what they need from their human caregivers.

Ms McDonagh said: "At the end of the day dogs are canines – not homo sapiens - and our role should be to respect their natural instincts and provide for their breed-specific needs."

'They’re All Barking' is now available from, starting at £12.99.