IT IS considered to be ultra rare to find a Royal Mint coin with errors making them a coveted item for collectors willing to pay out.

The £2 Anniversary Of The Golden Guinea coin has been dubbed "ultra rare" by its seller as the coin features several printing errors.

The seller said there is a large number of errors on the coin which include dots around the shield that are very off-centre, the top part of numbers 2 and 0 in the 2013 date is missing, dots on the obverse above the Queen's Head are missing on the silver coloured central area and the writing on the edge is off centre.

Also, the top right-hand part of the letter T is missing in TIS, THING, and WHAT, making all the Ts look like 7s and the top horizontal line in the letter E in SPLENDID is missing.

The coin has appeared on the selling site eBay and is going for £385.

It has been described as a circulated coin.

A spokesperson for Copes Coins said: "In 2013, the Royal Mint celebrated the 350th anniversary of the Guinea by minting a special £2 coin. This coin paid homage to the Guinea’s legacy.

"Anthony Smith’s design pays homage to the original Spade Guinea, last struck in 1813."