A pack of hunting Beagles have raised over £650 towards their veterinary fee fund to help cover the cost of medical treatment for retiring hounds.

The Warwickshire Beagles, a group of dogs who follow artificial scent trails across Warwickshire and Worcestershire, raised the funds to help ensure that retiring or rehomed hounds go onto their next homes in good health.

With veterinary fees hiking over recent years, some treatments can amount to thousands of pounds.


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A reunion in Norton Lindsey, which welcomed the attendance of 150 animal-lovers, helped contribute to the fund through a raffle and donations.

Senior master Elle Simpson said: "The Warwickshire Beagles has always rehomed hounds and we frequently have a waiting list.

"As with any pack of hounds, the beagles retire at all ages, either because they don't take a keen interest in the sport or because they need a change of pace as the seasons go by."

She added: "The hunt staff, supporters and their friends do a fantastic job of providing a sofa for these wonderful hounds, who due to their adaptable nature make fantastic pets.

“We also rehome puppies who aren’t quite right for the pack, usually because they are too small or too big.

"It’s important to have a pack who are all about the same size, otherwise some will be left behind or too far out in front.”

One Beagle due to benefit from these funds is Whiskey, who is set to undergo an operation to remove a benign growth.

She continued: "Veterinary fees have increased recently and a minor operation can prove very expensive.

"Our reunion was also a fantastic opportunity for some of the people who have rehomed hounds to meet each other, with several groups exchanging details and arranging to meet up in future for beagle play-dates."

Proudly positioned as part of the British Hounds Sports Association, the Warwickshire Beagles ongoing commitment to trail hunting is in compliance with the 2004 Hunting Act.

A combined charitable effort by England's trail hunting community has seen over £460,000 raised for 92 charities during the season leading up to May 2023.