Hook Norton Brewery is set to celebrate its 175th anniversary year with a series of special anniversary beers.

The first beer from the line, the 175 Strong Ale 7.5 per cent, is a dark red ale with a fruity, full-bodied character infused with a hint of spice.

This special brew combines Golden, Challenger, and Fuggle English hops.

James Clarke, managing director at Hook Norton Brewery, said: "We started the idea of brewing some anniversary beers a few years ago, when on a whim as we were 167 years old, we decided to brew 1 beer at 6.7%.

Cotswold Journal: Only a limited number of bottles will be sold

"We have continued this tradition ever year since bringing us to our 175th year. We may stop here!

"The 175 Strong Ale is based on our iconic Old Hooky recipe, but brewed to a much higher strength and is a beer to share, to enjoy and to respect."

The 175 Strong Ale pays tribute to the brewery founders. Its bottle label shows a picture, circa 1890, of workers building the main brewery.

It reflects the fashion of the day with flat caps and waistcoats as high-visibility clothing.

This expansion led to a six-story tower brewery designed by William Bradford, a prolific architect responsible for building or altering more than 70 breweries and maltings in the late 1880s.

Cotswold Journal: The brewery during construction in the late 1800's

Mr Bradford's ornate designs featured extensive decoration, often in ironwork, and an aesthetic roofline.

Much of the original equipment and machinery installed during the Victorian era are still in use and can be witnessed on brewery tours that operate seven days a week.

Available in 500ml bottles, the 175 Strong Ale can be sampled in their brewery shop or ordered online.

The brew is a limited edition release, exclusively available at the brewery shop or at www.hooky.co.uk.