Comedian Miles Jupp has revealed how he survived a brain tumour.

And the devastating experience is the subject of his latest stand-up show which is coming to the Oxford Playhouse on Tuesday, January 16.

The comedian and actor is best known for this roles in Balamory, Harry Potter, Rev and The Thick Of It.

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He is also appearing as The Emperor of Austria in Ridley Scott's movie Napoleon.

But he loves to appear on stage as well as screen and his UK tour On I Bang starts on January 11.

His major health scare in 2021 forms the basis of his show.

Cotswold Journal: Miles Jupp on stageHe told Round & About magazine that he was lucky to have a brain seizure because it led to a tumour being identified.

He added: "It meant I was taken to hospital where they ran tests.

"So having the seizure was like a big helpful sign that something was up.

"That something was a brain tumour the size of a cherry tomato which had to be removed."

Mr Jupp added he was filming the ITV series Trigger Point when he had the seizure.

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"Ludicrously my character, a radio host, is speaking and then a bomb goes off roughly when it felt like a bomb had gone off in my own head.

"Luckily there was a medic on the set so they wrestled me into the appropriate position.

"It was only a day's work but taking that job might just have saved my life."

The comedian had surgery three weeks later to remove the tumour and said the experience was good for putting things into perspective.

He added: "I found being in hospital very uplifting, partly because you're just surrounded by people who are very caring.

Cotswold Journal: Miles Jupp"There must have been about five other people on that ward all in the same boat so you don't feel alone."

The show On I Bang focuses on the comedian's health issue but he promises that it contains plenty of jokes.

He said: "It's not me moaning about unsatisfactory customer experience. Hopefully it's pure storytelling with a beginning, a middle and an end.

"I got a letter from a guy who saw a work in progress gig and he's been through the same. He said it was very cathartic for him."

The actor initially started to write about his experience and then realised it could be the subject of a show - he has not done a stand-up tour for six years.

Regarding Napoleon, one of his latest screen roles, he said: "I did get to ride a horse. But then when we started filming a stunt rider did absolutely everything."

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