Making savings on the electricity bill is a must for households up and down the country, especially with the increased price of usage.

With a number of daily essentials and gadgets costing thousands to run each year, many may be looking for some tips to keep expenditures down.

Whether you're looking for ways to help you better budget or are curious about where you can make some savings on your electricity, we have you covered.

Ways to save money on your electricity bill this winter

Cotswold Journal: Washing machines can cost as much as £230 a year to run (Canva)Washing machines can cost as much as £230 a year to run (Canva) (Image: Canva)

Here are some tips for saving money on your electricity bill this winter season.

Use appliances more efficiently 

There are a number of ways to make more efficient use of your electrical appliances to ensure you make savings this winter.

One appliance to use more efficiently includes the washing machine as this can quickly become costly after regular use.

These can cost over £230 on average per year to run, according to testing carried out by consumer watchdog Which?.

One way to make savings includes washing clothes at lower temperatures such as 30c (rather than 40c), allowing you to make savings of around 38%.

Another way to achieve this is to wash bigger loads less often as over-washing can cause fading and shrinkage while costing your wallet dearly.

Use a water timer in your shower

The bathroom is another place where money is easily lost with many spending too much time in their electric shower while getting clean.

One way to prevent you from spending too long in the shower is to implement a shower timer to help you cut the amount of time you spend in the tub to just four minutes.

This can save the average household around £70 a year on their bills, according to Uswitch.

Cotswold Journal: Setting your shower to a 4 minute timer can go a long way in lowering your bills (Canva)Setting your shower to a 4 minute timer can go a long way in lowering your bills (Canva) (Image: Canva)

Regularly dust lights 

With the days getting shorter and the nights darker, households may find themselves putting on the lights more and more.

However, this can quickly become costly with the long hours doing no favour for your energy bills.

One simple and free way to ensure you're saving money on your lights is to regularly dust your light bulbs.

This is because the dust on them can dim their light and force you to use other sources such as lamps to better light up your home, costing you more money.