Former champion boxer Tony Bellew and champion jockey Frankie Dettori MBE became the latest I'm a Celebrity campmates tonight.

Bellew, whose wife is Rachael Roberts, is best known for his accomplishments as a boxer, going on to also appear in Michael B Jordan’s Creed movies as antagonist Ricky Conlan.

He has also gained attention in the past for controversial remarks, such as when he gave his view on UFC boss Dana White slapping his wife, and was accused of sharing a ‘conspiracy theory’ regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tonight, a 'huge' Bellew vs Farage fight was highly anticipated.

Tony was the Away Team Captain, and Frankie was the Home Team Captain. That meant Liverpudlian Tony was Nigel Farage's boss for the episode.

Nigel, tentatively, clapped at this revelation.

Mr Farage had shared a post on November 29, 2022 captioned: "According to the ONS figures, London, Manchester and Birmingham are now all minority white cities."

Tony issued a furious response as he shot back: "Why does someone’s colour matter? Who cares if you're white, black, yellow or pink? All that matters is are they good or no good people! Learn to see people for who they are and not what they look like!

"It’s cos of people like you that racism still exists! Absolute maniac you are!"

At the thought of Nigel and Tony together, I'm a Celebrity fans were positively licking their lips at the prospect of a clash.

One user said on X, formerly Twitter, "Tony Bellew vs Nigel Farage is a huge fight we all want to see!! #ImACeleb".

Another said: "Looking forward to Tony Bellew vs Nigel 'the racist' Farage. The scouser will savage the Farage"

What happened? Nothing. Despite being in the worst camp and being set up against each other by viewers, there was zero drama and viewers missed out.

Perhaps tensions will flare later in the week.

Tony Bellew's time away from the jungle

Tony will perhaps be thinking of home a little more than the others as his nan Rose died last week.

She passed away just 24 hours after Bellew had signed his contract for the show, The Mirror reports.

Bellew, 40, only entered the jungle after confirming he’d be out in time for his nan’s funeral.

She was 97 and committed to watching him on the TV as he took to jungle life.

According to The Mirror, Tony said: "I signed the day before she passed away, so there was no going back then. If I sign something, I honour my agreement. In an ideal world I would have left it but I had signed.

“I was coming, so I am here. But I am going back to bury her on the 15th. I was going to renegade if I couldn't move the burial date. I can bury her now when I get back."