COTSWOLD District Council will be working with local communities to review car parking across the district.

The council’s car parking strategy looks at what car parking is needed across the district based on the number of people parking, what the needs of those people are and what might be required in future.

Since the creation of the last strategy in 2010, the council have said that many factors have influenced transport and parking behaviours, such as climate change, the coronavirus pandemic and changes to the economy.

The council will be conducting a full study of its current car parks and will be working with local communities and parish councils to understand the current needs in each area.

It will also look at what improvements car parks may need such as EV chargers, parent and child bays, disabled bays and more.

Once complete, the new strategy will set out how parking can be improved across the district that the council will then look to deliver in partnership with the county council, local parish councils and other organisations where possible.

Cllr Tony Dale, cabinet member for the economy and council transformation, said: “Since we last reviewed our parking strategy, our world has changed dramatically and that has meant a big change in people's parking habits.

“This review of our car parking strategy will really focus on what our district needs in today's society and also in the future.

“We will be working with local communities as well as town and parish councils to make sure we fully understand the needs of our residents and visitors.

"There will be a review of our car parking bays to ensure we make the best use of council assets.

“The new car parking strategy will be a plan for the whole district and will guide how all local authorities and local organisations can work together to improve our parking.”