Everyone's favourite farmer Kaleb Cooper has teased a "biggest ever falling-out" in the upcoming series of Clarkson's Farm.

The hit Amazon series charmed critics with its cinematography complementing the lovable group of staff unafraid to tell 62-year-old Clarkson when he is being useless.

No one did more so than 25-year-old Cooper. 

He told The Times: “No spoilers, but series three shows our biggest ever falling-out, because that man has just got to learn to listen to me. One of my favourite things is watching Jeremy get electrocuted on one of his own fences and last time it happened, I was thinking, ‘That’s my role really — I need to be his electric fence, stopping him doing silly things.’ ”

However, he went on to admit that the pair share a close relationship after years of working together - even affectionately admitting his 'love' for the 

He continued: "I resented Jeremy slightly the first time I met him but not because he had a farm — it was because he asked me to drive the tractor more slowly past his house so his cat could run around safely. I ignored that because we were so busy.

"And to be honest, I didn’t know who he was. I didn’t have time to watch TV. Sometimes the odd sports car would be delivered [for a motoring review] and I’d think, ‘Who’s this flash git then?’

"But we have become quite close now. He recently went off to Africa to film The Grand Tour and after a couple of days I actually missed him. He’s been a father figure to me when it comes to understanding TV.

"I’ve learnt from the best there is and — I can’t believe I’m saying this — when he’s not pissing me off, there is love there.”

Clarkson has previously said season three could still be a while away, writing on Instagram earlier this year: "We actually won’t finish filming it till October. There’s something we are trying which won’t be resolved till then. So it’s a while off yet."