With less than three weeks to secure your spot for this academic year, schools are rapidly signing up their students for the Newsquest Young Reporter Scheme.

Starting up for the 16th year, the scheme has given thousands of students huge advantages through this unique opportunity.

The scheme runs for eight months and allows young people to publish articles directly onto Newsquest’s online news titles. This helps broaden their horizons, build their confidence and hone their writing skills.

Students are treated like real journalists and are offered opportunities to cover various press events, interviews and theatre reviews, giving them exposure to situations that they wouldn’t normally experience.

Cotswold Journal: See the top reporters of 2023.See the top reporters of 2023. (Image: Newsquest)

Jack Mallinson, who organises the scheme at Townley Grammar School, said: “The Young Reporter Scheme allows students to find their own voice, experience the importance of deadlines, and share the stories that speak to them in a manageable and professional manner.

“At a time when news is becoming more and more polarising, it is imperative that we are encouraging the next generation to be a part of this sphere and a force for change.”

The scheme is open to school years 10 to 13 and those students who are keen to follow journalism as a career can move into the Newsquest Apprenticeship Scheme from the end of year 11 upwards.

Ezekiel Bertrand, one of last year's Young Reporters, secured a position on the Apprenticeship programme at the end of Year 11.

He said he was so glad he chose to do an apprenticeship rather than go onto Sixth Form, and added: “Doing the Young Reporter Scheme was definitely the foundation of what got me into journalism and news reporting. I highly suggest doing the scheme as it gives you pre-experience and introduces you to the field.”

Cotswold Journal:  Ezekiel Bertrand. Ezekiel Bertrand. (Image: Newsquest)

But this scheme is not all about working for the media. Hundreds of students who have completed it have gone into completely different careers. A lot said it helped prepare them for university and make the transition to forge ahead into the world of business.

Jenny Greenland, from Tolworth Girls’ School and Sixth Form, said: “This scheme gives students real work experience, not just developing their writing skills and time management but giving them some amazing opportunities to review.”

To register for an information pack please visit www.youngreporter.co.uk/registration