WORLD-renowned violinist Nigel Kennedy says he’s excited to return to his former home town Malvern for two special concerts next month.

The virtuoso musician is playing two gigs at Malvern Theatres on November 7 and 8 as part of his Bach Now! tour.

It’s the first time in six years he has performed in Malvern, although his last visit to the town was just a few months ago - dropping son Sark home after a trip to see his beloved Aston Villa.

Cotswold Journal: Nigel Kennedy performing at Ronnie Scott'sNigel Kennedy performing at Ronnie Scott's (Image: Carly Hyde)

“I wake up every day and play Bach - before I get on the phone or anything,” he said. “So to play Bach in Malvern, which has been a very big part of my life, it’s special and I’m very much looking forward to it.

“Music for me is a human thing. People look at music like it’s a complicated and technical thing but it’s not really - it’s about the human heart.

“I play all different types of music and believe in different styles bringing people together.”

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Kennedy is relishing the chance to spend a few nights in the town he once called home.

“I live in Poland now so it’s a bit of a commute,” he joked. “But I’m looking forward to seeing some smiling faces, some people I know - it’s a wonderful place.

“I’d been to Malvern when I was young, playing Elgar concertos, and thought ‘wow - if I ever get enough money I’ll live there’.

Cotswold Journal: Nigel Kennedy is dedicating his Malvern shows to Ian 'Tot' Charles and Keith WilliamsNigel Kennedy is dedicating his Malvern shows to Ian 'Tot' Charles and Keith Williams (Image: Carly Hyde)

“Luckily I did get enough of the proverbial and I was able to move up there, near my mate Steven Duffy.

“There’s something about Malvern and artists, you get people from all walks of life there. It’s a sacred area, a special area.

“My part of the Bach Now! Concerto is dedicated to two great Malvernians who are no longer with us but added a lot to Malvern life - Ian Charles, who I always knew as Tot, and Keith Williams - two wonderful people.”

Nigel Kennedy’s Bach Now! Concertos with the Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra plays at the Malvern Theatre on November 7 and 8 with dates across the UK. Tickets and info: