Controversial plans for a live music and performance venue which have been dubbed a “Disneyland in the Cotswolds” have been rejected.

Berrybank Park Events Limited has been refused permission to change the use of the land at Berry Bank, in Oddington near Moreton-In-Marsh, from agricultural to an outdoor live performance venue.

Their part retrospective proposals included creating a sunken amphitheatre, kitchen pod and pavilion at Berry Bank. And they also wanted permission for a marquee pavilion, outdoor lighting structures and other pods to be used from April 30 to October 1 each year.

But the plans have proven highly controversial locally with villagers complaining the “loud and uncontrolled” events have made their lives unbearable.

Residents say they would be happy with a small community venue which but they are trying to avoid “Disneyland in the Cotswolds” as the amphitheatre is out of place.

Oddington parish councillor David Thorpe spoke against the scheme at Cotswold District Council’s planning and licensing committee on September 13.

He said it was disappointing the proposals were retrospective and pointed out that tranquillity is an intrinsic aspect of the Cotswold area of outstanding natural beauty.

“Its elevated location means noise and lighting intrusion coupled with access and entry onto a fast A road really mean it was not an ideal location for a hospitality venue of which there is no shortage in the Cotswolds.”

He said events are causing a serious noise nuisance for residents in Oddington and said the parish council could not support the scheme unless strict conditions are imposed.

“We are trying to avoid Disneyland in the Cotswolds and an amphitheatre that is out of place but would accept a small community venture that would benefit the heart of the Cotswolds.”

Gary Johnson, an objector who lives less than 250 metres from the site, said the events at the site are “loud and uncontrolled”.

He also told the committee that he, and many others, had “lost the peace and tranquillity of living in a quiet Cotswold village due to the pavillion and amphitheatre.”

“Our personal lifestyle is based around our horses and animals and has been for 18 years. Our routines have now had to change dramatically because of the noise.

“It’s unbearable, we can no longer run our equestrian yard like we’ve done for 18 years. It may be that we have to move because of it.”

Councillor David Cunningham (C, Fosseridge), who represents the area, told the committee the main concern is predominantly the noise nuisance.

He said the location could not be a more prominent position “on the side of a hill overlooking Moreton Vale”.

He said the site has been in use for the last two summers without permission and without the enforceable planning controls.

Councillor Julia Judd (C, Ermin) proposed refusing the application and this was seconded by Mark Harris (LD, Abbey).

Their reasons included the noise impact on nearby residents, and the tranquillity of the area of outstanding natural beauty.

And the development was of a scale and design that fails to contribute to the character of the area.

The committee voted to reject both planning applications by eight votes to one. Berrybank has not responded to requests for comment.