Broadcaster-turned Cotswolds farmer Jeremy Clarkson has expressed tongue-in-cheek fear that North Oxfordshire could run out of ‘tossers’.

In his latest Sunday Times column, the owner of Diddly Squat Farm, in Chadlington, praised the Cotswolds neighbourhood he has called home for two-and-a-half decades.

Mr Clarkson, who is rumoured to be buying a pub in Bourton-on-the-Water, picked out for particular praise the Cotswolds' pubs - including one that he suggested had a 'higher concentration of people from Notting Hill than Notting Hill'.

He joked: “As a local, I have to say this is all very tremendous, but soon I fear it will get to the point where these excellent pubs will run out of rich people to eat in them.

“Yup, pretty soon there will be a tosser shortage in north Oxfordshire, and more will be needed to keep the chefs busy.

“We may need to start advertising in the Evening Standard or, better still, Campaign: ‘Tossers wanted in OX7. And please bring your children so they can be waiters.’”

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The OX7 resident, who has put Chadlington on the map through his Clarkson’s Farm series on Amazon Prime, praised the area’s ‘pretty’ countryside and ‘to-die-for villages’.

He picked out for particular praise newly reopened The Bull pub in Charlbury, now under the management of local boys James Gummer and Phil Winser.

Mr Clarkson’s only gripe with the Cotswolds?

“Diversity,” he said.

“I’m not saying there should be a migration centre here for displaced Syrians or a fancy new mosque, but I wouldn’t say no to a Chinese restaurant. Or a Japanese sushi joint.

“Anything that could give me a break from the traditional English fayre you get in the pubs.”