A new report has allegedly revealed ITV star James Martin's 10-minute tirade against crew members after a drain in his house became blocked.

The television chef runs two restaurants in the Lygon Arms in Broadway.

This comes amid recent allegations of "intimidating" and "bullying behaviour" against the TV chef by some of those who worked with him.

The newly released audio recording appears to show the presenter in a tense Zoom call with crew members after a drain in his home became blocked, which he claims cost £30,000 worth of damages.

In the alleged recording, which was exclusively reported by The Sun, the ITV star appears to berate staff, saying they should be "f***ing fried" and punishes them by ordering that they take their lunch break in the rain.

The incident allegedly happened in 2018 with the issue coming to light after a flurry of complaints were revealed.

Alleged audio recording shows James Martin launching into foul-mouthed tirade against crew after sink becomes blocked

In the full recording, revealed to The Sun by a former employee, James Martin says: “I am absolutely furious, beyond belief. It’s my home, it’s my house. It’s my f***ing house.

“Nobody listens, nobody f***ing listens do they? I will not put up with this, this is b****cks.

“A driveway that cost me £26,000 is f***ed because somebody put a load of oil in the f***ing bin that’s now dripped everywhere and f**king ruined my driveway.

“If this was somebody’s house you would end up with a massive bill. People would get fired and rightly so, if this was working for Endemol your arse would be f***ing fried. 

“Show me and show my house more f***ing respect - if not, you’re gone.

“But if I haven't got a plumber round at my house to give me a quote and a guy to tarmac by tomorrow, somebody is going to get fired.

“Senior members of our staff will get f***ing fired because I‘m sick of it. I’m sick of being treated like a f***ing piece of sh*t.

“Get in first thing in the morning, last thing at night, first there, last to go, I’m sick of it.

“I do it because I’m 100 per cent professional so everybody else do the f***ing same.

“I bust my b****cks off, there is nobody on that studio floor that works more than what I f***ing do.

“If you don't like it, p*ss off.

“I’m not interested in paying people a f***ing fortune and having to deal with a sh*t aftermath afterwards.”

He then added that staff would have to take their breaks outside in the rain, saying: "No equipment, no seats, no benches, no trestle tables, nothing. No plates, nothing.”

James Martin apologises after allegations of 'bullying behaviour' towards staff

Of the allegations, he said: "Firstly, I would like to publicly and sincerely apologise to the crew involved in this incident, as I did at the time.

"I have always strived to keep my private life private.  However since details of a conversation, which was secretly recorded in January 2018, are now five years later being made public by a former member of our production team, I have decided to make a statement."

He added that this came after his home was burgled by masked men and after he was diagnosed with cancer, leading to an "emotional state" by the time of the incident.