TAKE a look inside a £3.5 million pound mansion which now belongs to a lucky dad who won the property after he paid under £50 in a raffle.

Will Satherley, age 40, is a financial risk analyst from Cardiff who is now the owner of a four-bedroom mansion just outside the idyllic village of Chipping Campden  in the Cotswolds.

However, the lucky dad of two revealed that he only won the incredible property thanks to a £35 Omaze ticket.

Omaze is an American for-profit fundraising company where people can win life-changing prizes.

Mr Satherley says the only thing he has ever won before was six cakes in a pub quiz.

The latest Omaze Million Pound House Draw prize is a four-bedroom, countryside retreat complete with a 10m heated swimming pool.

Cotswold Journal: WINNERS: Will and his wife Carrie SatherleyWINNERS: Will and his wife Carrie Satherley (Image: SWN)

Mr Satherley has also been given £100,000 in cash - plus the house comes mortgage free, with all stamp duty and legal fees covered.

He is free to either live in the house, rent it out or sell it.

If Mr Satherley decides to rent it out, local estate agents estimate that the property could achieve up to £10,000 a month from rentals. 

His wife Carrie, 40, also works in finance for the Welsh Government and they have two sons aged four and seven.

Mr Satherley added: “Winning this house is a dream come true, we both work in finance, but you don’t have to be good with numbers to know that £35 to £3,500,000 is a pretty good return!

“I’d been working in the garden and was covered in wood chippings when I saw a couple of missed calls.

''I almost ignored them, I’m glad I didn’t as it was Omaze calling to let me know I’d won a prize.

''When the team arrived I couldn’t comprehend that I’d actually won the Grand Prize, it was so surreal, my wife and I work in finance so it’s fair to say we’re not used to this level of excitement!

“We didn’t know how best to celebrate as we were still in shock, so we just had a few friends over and shared takeaway pizza and a bottle or two of fizz.

“That night I kept checking my emails to make sure I hadn’t imagined the whole thing, in the end, I couldn’t really sleep so I went back out to finish the gardening at 4am!

"The neighbours must’ve wondered what I was up to!"