Clarkson's Farm star Kaleb Cooper has applied for permission to live on his own smallholding.

He says either he or another worker need to live on site at his four-acre plot near Diddly Squat Farm to care for his livestock which includes pigs, chickens and calves.

Kaleb, 24, has a 38ft caravan, currently used as an office, which already has a bathroom and plant pots outside.

He has applied for retroactive planning permission from West Oxfordshire District Council.

If granted, it will last for two years while he establishes the business.

Mr Cooper's co-star Jeremy Clarkson has been involved in a year-long planning dispute with the same council over development of the Diddly Squat Farm site near Chipping Norton.

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The site - which is the subject and filming location of the hit series, Clarkson's Farm - has been inundated with scores of visitors.

Earlier this month the Planning Inspectorate overturned West Oxfordshire District Council's decision not to allow him to extend the car park at the farm shop to cope with visitor numbers.

A lack of parking space had resulted in cars tearing up grass verges on Chipping Norton Road and creating 'traffic chaos' for locals.

Planning Inspector RJ Perrins granted permission for the car park extension, and for changes to use of the land.

He said the attraction had become 'a victim of its own success'.

Mr Perrins wrote in his report: "I am in no doubt that this has caused a huge inconvenience for those who live near by. 

"It was clear to me that many people visiting on the day of my final site visit had no regard to the proper use of the highway, with verges being further churned up and traffic having to stop, as visitors walked the middle of the road or cars manoeuvred into tight spaces. 

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"From that snapshot in time I am not surprised, as heard in evidence, that tensions have run high between some of those living locally and some visitors to the farm shop."

Mr Clarkson also appealed the council’s decision to close a restaurant he was running at the site.

But this decision was upheld and he was denied permission to open a restaurant in his Lowland Barn.

Next year, Kaleb, who with his girlfriend Tara has a two-year-old son and a newly born daughter, is going on a nationwide tour following the release of his debut book, The World According to Kaleb.