Construction of a new hospital in the Cotswolds is underway.

The demolition of the Ellen Badger Hospital in Shipston has now been completed.

As such, construction on its replacement has now begun, South Warwickshire University NHS Foundation Trust has confirmed.

Charles Aston, chief medical officer at the Trust, said: “The hospital is going to be modernised and be fit for purpose for health care in the 21st century.

“We are looking at putting in as many medical specialities and clinics as we can to give access to local people for these services.

“I think this needs to be seen in the context of changing the way we deliver health care.

“The model of keeping people in hospital for long periods of time is moving to community care and helping people recover in their homes where they generally much prefer to be and outcomes are better.”

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The development has been kickstarted by a donation of £635,000 from the League of Friends, which enabled the Trust to buy the land next to the hospital.

Construction work is being funded by Trust capital money and £2.3 million of national funding, which was obtained following a successful bid.

Since the proposals were first put forward there has been several external factors which have forced changes to the design, plans and timescales.

These factors include the Coronavirus pandemic, funding within the wider health economy, and increasing construction costs.

Work is now underway and is expected to be completed by Summer 2024.

The demolition of the original hospital was not particularly welcomed by Shipston residents, with more than 400 people taking to the town’s streets last year to protest the decision.

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The Trust has explained that although the building had a rich history, it was “not viable” to restore it due to its age, condition and infrastructure.

A detailed evaluation of all the historical artefacts has taken place, with the Trust promising to “sensitively incorporate” them into the new build.

Upon completion, the new hospital will feature a car park with space for mobile diagnostics, a health and well-being hub, and shared spaces for Community Nursing and Health Visiting teams.