A third teenager has died following a crash in the Cotswolds.

The names of three Chipping Campden School pupils who have died after a crash on the B4035 Campden Road near Shipston have been shared by the school.

Harry Purcell, 17, and Matilda Seccombe, 16, were confirmed to have died on Saturday following the crash on Friday (April 21).

A third pupil, Frank Wormald, was confirmed to have died due to his injuries in a letter written by principal John Sanderson on Sunday.

It read: “As a community we continue to hurt deeply, as the tragedy of this weekend's events begin to sink in.

“There are no words that I can find to express the sense of loss that we feel, both as a community and for Harry's, Tilly's, and Frank's families and close friends.

“Each one of these young people has been part of our extended school family and each loss is felt profoundly.

“In time, I would like to try and find the words to pay tribute to each of the young people we have lost, as each was remarkable and unique, having touched the lives of so many in such profound ways.”

The crash happened at around 4.10pm and involved two cars, a Fiat 500 and a Ford Fiesta, which the three Chipping Campden pupils had been travelling in.

A fourth pupil who had been in the vehicle, Edward Spencer, remains in a serious but stable condition.

Principal Sanderson’s letter continued: “We continue to hope and pray that he will make good progress in recovering from his injuries over the coming weeks and months. Edward and his family are very much in our thoughts.

“I'm very conscious that we will need to take each day at a time but wanted to express my sincere thanks for the professional and personal help and advice that has been offered to us at school over the last 48 hours.

“This is a very difficult time for us all but there is strength and hope in knowing we walk it together.”

The school has set aside an area next to the flagpole for members of the community to lay flowers and messages of condolence, with the school flag at half-mast.

Students and staff gathered on Sunday afternoon to offer support to one another as books of condolence were opened for each of the students.