It has been a dream start for a brother and sister team who opened their own restaurant.

Ben and Hannah McPhilimey recently launched Sakura Bistro on Old Market Way in Moreton.

The siblings, 31 and 27 respectively, are born-and-bred Bourton and decided to set up their own restaurant after success rebranding a venue in their hometown.

Sakura’s doors swung open last month and since then it has quickly established itself as part of the Moreton culinary scene.

“Despite opening in the cold winter months our hearts are warm and full with how locals have welcomed us into their town and supported us throughout our first few weeks,” said Hannah.

“We already have regulars and feel like we have been here forever despite it only being a month.”

Cotswold Journal: Inside SakuraInside Sakura (Image: Sakura Bistro)

Ben and Hannah have been in and out of the hospitality industry since their first jobs at the age of 14.

Since graduating from university they have both spent brief spells working in wedding planning and travel.

They then helped to rebrand a restaurant in Bourton, which inspired them to create something for themselves.

Translating to “Cherry Blossom”, Sakura was inspired by a Cherry Blossom tree at Batsford Arboretum and one at their mum’s childhood home.

“It was the focal point of the garden and our grandparents’ pride and joy - they were the perfect pair and by definition ‘Couple Goals’,” Hannah said.

“When we first stepped into Old Market Way, we saw the huge potential of the Mediterranean-feel courtyard and blank canvas inside and we could most definitely see ourselves putting our own stamp on the place.

"With our desire to bring a ‘modern city feel’ to an old market town, we just knew that Moreton was the place that offered the opportunity and gap in the market to do so.

“Visitors can expect to be greeted by a team of family and friends who want to ensure that each customer enjoys their mini escapism from everyday life and provide a hub to catch up with loved ones after a tricky few years with the pandemic.”

Cotswold Journal: The siblings were inspired by the Mediterranean-feel courtyardThe siblings were inspired by the Mediterranean-feel courtyard (Image: Sakura Bistro)

Sakura opens seven days a week for brunch until 11.30am and lunch from 12pm, serving homemade gelato, bottomless brunches, local beers and cocktails.

They are also looking to host live music events and an evening dinner service in the coming months.

“We are super excited for the summer season in Moreton and hope to host you all at the bistro soon!” Hannah added.

Cotswold Journal: The menu includes burgers, poke bowls and brunch optionsThe menu includes burgers, poke bowls and brunch options (Image: Sakura Bistro)