The council has hit back at Jeremy Clarkson saying Diddly Squat Farm must be treated like any other.

This comes following scenes that featured in season 2 of the hit series that showed the former Top Gear star clashing with West Oxfordshire District Council.

The council has emphasised that the proper procedures were followed in Clarkson’s planning applications which included plans for a car park.

Cars were seen queuing outside of the shop when it opened at the weekend.  


The council said in their statement: “We understand that the planning process shown in Season 2 of Clarkson’s Farm can seem obstructive and that people will be confused by the planning decisions at Diddly Squat Farm. 

“As with any other planning authority, we have a legal responsibility to make sure that planning laws and policies are followed correctly by everyone to manage development and protect local communities and the environment.

“This is regardless of who they are and we treat Diddly Squat Farm no differently.”

Diddly Squat Farm is located in the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which means it is subject to tighter planning restrictions than other areas of the country. 

The council added: "As shown on the programme, officers from the council went to meet with the owners of Diddly Squat Farm to provide advice which was one of multiple conversations we had to try and support the farm. 

"Over recent years, Diddly Squat Farm has had many planning applications approved where they were in line with national and local planning policy.

"This included approving the farm shop with its current car park, approving a lambing shed and allowing the area from which farm shop produce could be sourced to be extended.

"The farm shop we approved can sell local produce from local farmers - which we wholly support."