With more cries of ‘take it off!’ The Masked Singer has returned to screens and speculation is rife that a certain local cheesemaker may be behind the mask.

The show involves a batch of 12 celebrities disguised as unbelievably bizarre and unique characters performing on stage while the panel of Davina McCall, Rita Ora, Jonathan Ross and Mo Gilligan attempt to figure out who they are.

Last series saw international superstar, Natalie Imbruglia who was masquerading as Panda, crowned the winner, footballing legend Michael Owen unmasked as Doughnuts and chart topper Charlotte Church revealed to be Mushroom.

But Davina McCall was convinced she knew the identity of Jacket Potato fter the character's first appearance on the show on Saturday.

Before the performance, Jacket Potato offered some clues about their true identity.

Cotswold Journal:

Among them were: "Like all good spuds, I'm smooth, creamy and occasionally baked."

And they also pulled out cards saying 'Nosey Parker', 'Pig Face', 'Silly Billy' and 'Dog Nose'.

Jacket Potato's Riddle Me This clue was: "Hey it's me Jack, Jacket Potato. I've got quite the collection, so big, you'll say 'woah'."

They could be seen reading a copy of Romeo and Juliet, suggesting they are an actor.

Jacket Potato went on to add their job is “like a marathon” and they are “no angel”.

Trying to throw the panel off, they seemed to put on an American accent.

Davina McCall then suggested it could be Alex James from Blur - now a gentleman farmer living in Kingham.

However, the judges' guesses were typically random.

Jonathan Ross, and many viewers on social media, guessed Jacket Potato could be EastEnders star Shane Richie or British hardman actor Ray Winstone.

Rita Ora was convinced that Jacket Potato was an American. She suggested it was actor Mickey Rourke but also suggested TV antiques dealer David Dickinson.

Mo Gilligan speculated that Jack Whitehall could be behind the mask, noticing that the character had called himself "Jack" in the clue segment.

He also suggested Jamaican dancehall singer Sean Paul.

The Masked Singer is on ITV1 on Saturday nights or available to watch online weekly via ITVX.