Snow covered the Cotswolds this week, bringing schools, roads and businesses to a halt.

Several schools across the area shut their doors on Monday as the wintery weather derailed plans.

Stow Primary, The Rissington School and Chipping Campden School were among those forced to close.

Sue Dawe, headteacher at The Rissington School, said: “Well - the snow has come earlier than I had expected!

“After consulting with other partnership schools and governors and staff living in the local area, it has been decided that we will be closed.

“This is always a difficult decision, especially with Christmas events arranged.

“However, the risks to staff travelling and minibus transfers, staff shortages due to other school closures, and the health and safety of pupils on site is paramount.”

Meanwhile, popular attractions such as the Cotswold Wildlife Park had to close to visitors for the day.

But that didn’t stop the animals enjoying the snow.

Chris Kibbey, assistant animal manager at the park, said: “Keepers are still working daily to ensure all the animals are well cared for.

"The snow has been welcomed by a few of the species, including the Red Pandas, Camels and Wolverine who would normally come from colder climates.

"Even the Capybaras seemed to enjoy it, despite their relatives coming from South America."

Curator Jamie Craig added: “All the animals have heated houses where needed and are currently unaware of the outside temperatures, unlike their keepers who have been busy removing snow from the roof of the aviaries and clearing pathways.

"It's certainly not the weather for our tropical species but for a few, most notable the Reindeer, Wolverines and Pallas Cats, it is a favourite time of year and they are revelling in the arctic conditions."

The freezing conditions also caused issues on the roads, with Cotswold District Council making the decision to suspend all bin collections as a result.

On Wednesday, December 14, a council spokesperson said: “Following an assessment of the roads and pavements this morning, all waste and recycling services remain suspended.

“Due to the ongoing freezing temperatures and the rural nature of our district, when services do resume it is highly likely that collections will be delayed and may not take place on your scheduled day this week.

“Crews will be working on Saturday to help clear any backlog so please leave your bins and recycling containers out until they are emptied.”