A TEACHER has been found guilty of unacceptable professional conduct after lying about when a pupil had been urinated on by a fellow student.

A Teaching Regulation Agency panel convened in September to consider the case of Rebecca Sims who used to work at Lakeside Primary School in Cheltenham.

On or around May 1, 2019, she admitted failing to notify pupil A’s parents promptly after he had been urinated on by another pupil.

On that day, both pupils were in Miss Sims’ class. Miss Sims cleaned up pupil A, but failed to notify pupil A’s parents until the end of the day.

The panel noted that following the incident whereby pupil A was urinated on by pupil B, Miss Sims took measures to ensure pupil A was cleaned, changed and content.

The panel noted that, on balance, as pupil A was not distressed, the incident was not sufficiently serious to require notification before the end of the school day.

The panel also heard evidence from Witness B, that she had witnessed Miss Sims telephone the parents of a pupil who had experienced a toileting accident on a separate and prior occasion.

The panel noted that Miss Sims’ failure to notify the parents following the incident on May 1, 2019 was a one off and that there was no pattern of behaviour demonstrated by Miss Sims.

She indicated to the pupil’s mother and the head that the incident had occurred in the afternoon, when she knew it had occurred around 10am.

On or around May 2, 2019, she asked witness B to support her account that the incident had occurred in the afternoon, when she knew it was in the morning.

She admitted to have knowingly provided untruthful information about the incident to a parent and/or the headteacher and that it was dishonest in that she asked Witness B to support an account which she knew was untruthful.

Miss Sims also failed to comply with safeguarding duties in respect of one or more pupils.

On or around November 22, 2019, she failed to ensure that a pupil was appropriately supervised, in that he was found unaccompanied in the school hall.

This allegation was admitted by Miss Sims. However, having heard the evidence, the panel considered that, on balance, this allegation was not proved.

The panel found that she did not record one or more safeguarding concerns relating to that pupil on the school’s system, CPOMS, in a timely manner between November 15 2019 and November 22 2019.

And on February 2, 2021, she failed to ensure that another pupil was appropriately supervised, in that he was able to leave the classroom and was found unaccompanied in the school playground.

The panel has recommended that the findings of unacceptable professional conduct should be published and that such an action is proportionate and in the public interest.

The panel has made a recommendation to the Secretary of State that Miss Sims should not be the subject of a prohibition order.

Miss Sims had been employed at Lakeside School as a primary school teacher from May 3, 2016 until March 19, 2021.

Miss Sims started working at the school as a maternity cover teacher but was offered a full time position shortly thereafter.

Miss Sims was subject to disciplinary proceedings and dismissed from her position at the school.