A renowned pottery expert, author, and Winchcombe gallery owner died as a result of complications from a medical procedure to remove gallstones, an inquest heard last week.

John Edgeler, 66, of Winchcombe High Street. who ran the Long Room Gallery, died in August this year, sixteen days after the endoscopic procedure carried out on July 25, the Gloucester inquest was told.

Gloucestershire Coroner’s Court heard that Mr Edgeler had been discharged from hospital following the procedure, but within four hours he began vomiting and was running a high temperature.

He was taken to Cheltenham Hospital by a friend, but because he was only semi-conscious, he was taken by ambulance to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital during the early hours of the next morning.

Dr Matthew Beck explained that Mr Edgeler, the author of many books about pottery, had been admitted to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital suffering from abdominal pain following an endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography procedure (ERCP).

But his condition deteriorated over the next two days and was admitted to a critical care unit as it was clear he was not going to survive.

Medical consultant Andrei Ilczyszyn explained that Mr Edgeler had been having problems with his gallstones which had caused an inflammation of his gallbladder, This required emergency drain procedure in September 2017. He subsequently had his gallbladder removed.

Mr Ilczyszyn added that on June 1 this year Mr Edgeler underwent an MRI scan which revealed that he had two gallstones in the bile duct which were causing a blockage.

He was reviewed by the gastroenterology team on July 18, and it was recommended that he undergo an ERCP procedure to remove the gallstones. He underwent that procedure six days later and the offending gallstones were removed. However, he was readmitted to Cheltenham hospital a few hours after the procedure.

On his transfer to the hospital in Gloucester he was diagnosed with post ERCP pancreatitis, a recognised complication of the ERCP procedure, along with a new renal impairment.

Palliative care commenced when it was realised he would not survive. He died peacefully on August 10. The cause of death was documented as pancreatitis along with endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography and choledocholithiasis.

Roland Wooderson, the assistant coroner for Gloucestershire, recorded a narrative conclusion: “John Edgeler had previously had medical difficulties with gallstones causing inflammation of the gallbladder, which was removed in March 2018.

“On July 22 this year Mr Edgeler underwent a scan of his liver, which revealed gallstones in the bile duct. Three days later he underwent an ERCP procedure during which two gallstones were removed.

“He subsequently deteriorated with the diagnosis being a post ERCP procedure pancreatitis.

“Mr Edgeler died on August 10 at the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. I accept the medical cause of death put forward for my consideration.”