One of the biggest names in British music could soon call the Cotswolds home.

Liam Gallagher is rumoured to be buying a £3.5million 'Country House' - near former Blur rival Alex James.

Oasis rocker Liam, 50, is said to be joining the celeb 'Cotswold set' after checking out the property in Chipping Norton in rural Oxfordshire.

Nearby neighbours would include telly presenter Jeremy Clarkson, the Beckhams, Amanda Holden - and pop star Alex James.

James owns a nearby farm - and famously had a battle for the number one spot against Oasis with the Blur song 'Country House'.

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Cotswold Journal: Gallagher could be living down the road from Blur's Alex James. Picture: Richard Johnson/PAGallagher could be living down the road from Blur's Alex James. Picture: Richard Johnson/PA (Image: Picture Richard Johnson/PA)

A listing on the website of estate agents Savills describes the only £3.5m house on the market in the area as being an 'extremely private' five-bed, three-bathroom property.

Situated just off the town square, the 5,042 sq ft 15th-century grade II manor house has a dated but intricately designed look, ample garden space and a 'Roman-style' pool.

In 2020 Gallagher posted on Facebook: “I can see myself retiring in a wigwam... I bought one years ago when I lived in Henley, but it’s f****d because a deer got in it and couldn't get out.

"I’ve come back to the house one day and there was this f*****g commotion going on. There’s f*****g holes in the f*****g tent and I'm like ‘What the f**k’s going on here?’

"And a deer from the f*****g field next door had gone in for a snoop and couldn't get out and lost its f*****g mind.”

Asked if the rumours were true, a staff member at estate agents Savills, who are marketing the property, said: “Not as far as I am aware.”

Family man Liam, 49, toned down his rock n roll lifestyle years ago.

Now a keen runner, he recently revealed he is suffering from arthritis, leaving him with excruciating pain and probably needing hip replacement surgery.