A Cotswold vet has given a dog a ‘new lease of life’ after helping him shed nearly two stone.

Nurse Jasmine Hill is part of the team at Shipston Vets which has helped Alfie the Labrador drop 11kg.

The 12-year-old pooch tipped the scales at almost 50kg, around eight stone, having grown accustomed to wolfing down leftovers and high-in-fat snacks.

Alfie now weighs a much healthier 37kg, or five stone and 11 pounds.

Jasmine, who helps run the practice’s weight-loss clinics, said: “I’m extremely proud of Alfie for losing all of this weight and he looks so different that I can’t believe he’s the same dog!”

Cotswold Journal: Alfie lost almost two stones thanks to nurse Jasmine Hill's helpAlfie lost almost two stones thanks to nurse Jasmine Hill's help (Image: Alfie lost almost two stones thanks to nurse Jasmine Hill's help)

Over a period of 12 months, Alfie made regular visits to see Jasmine so she could check his weight loss was on track.

She added: “To help get Alfie trim, I advised his owner to cut out any extras he was having, and we worked out how much dog food he should be eating each day.

“I also suggested that if she did want to give him a treat, she could keep a little bit of his daily allowance back and use that instead of giving him something unhealthy.

“Obesity is something that needs to be addressed because it is the cause of many health issues and can shorten a pet’s life.

“If you’re not sure if your pet is the right weight or eating the right amount, we are here to help.”

Alfie’s owner, Christine Kennedy of Tredington, who rehomed the dog through the Blue Cross five years ago, is delighted with his transformation.

Mrs Kennedy said: “Alfie’s as lively as a puppy. When he was overweight, everything was a bit of an effort for him, but now he leaps into the car and he can run up and down the stairs.

“The weight crept on because he was having leftover food and I was giving him treats like pigs’ ears, but now he just has a lower calorie pet food and Jasmine helped me work out the correct portion sizes. 

“Jasmine has been really helpful and I’m so grateful for all the advice and support she’s given me.

“I have tried to put Alfie on a diet before, but it’s not easy if you have a dog that enjoys food so much.

“Alfie is a friendly dog with a lovely nature and it’s lovely to see him like this – it’s like he has a new lease of life.”