Filming of a TV drama has taken place at a Cotswold theatre.

The new series of Sister Boniface Mysteries, a Father Brown spinoff, was filmed at Chipping Norton Theatre last week.

The auditorium, bar, and exterior on Sing Street were all used during the filming and are expected to feature in episodes seven and eight of the upcoming season, due to be released in early 2023.

A spokesperson of the theatre said: “It was so exciting to see The Theatre used in a completely different way.

“Cast and crew were in from as early as six in the morning, dressing the space to transform it back to the 60s.

“At one point we had over fifty extras lining Spring Street and a Vespa screeching up onto the pavement!”

Cotswold Journal: Over 50 extras were on setOver 50 extras were on set (Image: Over 50 extras were on set)

They added: “The filming has also brought some extra income in for The Theatre!

“A special thank you to all our local residents to The Theatre for being so accommodating to the film crews.”

Passers-by were equally excited by the goings on at the theatre.

One local said: “Lovely to see The Theatre being used for filming.

“We’ve enjoyed seeing all the vehicles and costumes.”

Another added: “Loved it. Was great walking out of our house onto the set each morning and my little girl waving at the cast a crew.”

Cotswold Journal: Behind the scenesBehind the scenes (Image: Behind the scenes)