Plans for a new medical centre in Shipston have hit a snag.

The site was to be part of the wider development of an integrated care facility at the Ellen Badger Hospital. 

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However, with estimated costs having increased by almost 50 per cent, the plan has been put on hold.

A spokesperson for the project said: "The new medical centre cost was originally estimated at £4.5m.

"A steep increase in the cost of construction, materials and associated expenses of the build, caused by factors outside of the control of the practice, has resulted in these costs increasing by almost 50 per cent, and they are continuing to rise.

"This increase in costs means that the new medical centre project is no longer financially viable in its current design."

They added: "This is extremely disappointing to the partners of the practice who have invested significant amounts of money in the pre-building stage.

"Our priority remains ensuring the patients of the practice and the people of Shipston and the surrounding areas have access to high-quality primary care services and we are working with the Integrated Care Board and South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust to review all available options."