It was a busy week for police in the Cotswolds with multiple arrests made, stolen goods recovered, and drugs and weapons seized.

Thames Valley Police’s rural crime taskforce was kept on their toes last week with a wide range of operations taking place.

In the week up to Sunday, July 31, the team which covers areas such as Chipping Norton arrested three people on suspicion of burgling a rural business, arrested two more for failing to appear at court, and another for drink driving.

They also recovered stolen tools during a house search and seized cannabis and weapons during other searches.

The full list of the taskforce’s activity is as follows:

  • Three arrested on suspicion of a rural business burglary
  • Stolen tools from the burglary recovered during a house search
  • Two cars seized as the drivers didn’t hold the required licences and had no insurance
  • Multiple rural incidents attended and investigated
  • Quantity of cannabis seized during a house search
  • One offensive weapon seized during the stop and search of a vehicle
  • More cannabis seized during another vehicle stop
  • One car seized after it failed to stop for officers on the team
  • One male arrested in a rural village for providing a positive specimen of breath at the roadside! He was later charged with driving whilst over the prescribed limit of alcohol!
  • Two people wanted for failing to appear at court were arrested and detained for court; one to answer an allegation of assaulting three emergency workers and the other relating to a drug drive case
  • A new officer to the team attended training to gain new skills for identifying stolen plant & machinery