RISHI Sunak MP has told the Cotswold Journal his plans to stop queuing ambulances outside the hospitals' A&E department.

Cotswold Journal journalist Joseph Broady met Mr Sunak as his campaign trail stopped at the Cotswolds so he could speak to supporters.

He and Liz Truss are battling it out to be named the next PM after Boris Johnson resigned as leader of the Conservative Party.

The campaign tour stopped at Conyeger Farm, in Quenington, Gloucestershire, where Mr Sunak greeted well-wishers and outlined his campaign to members of the public.

Cotswold Journal: MEETING: Rishi Sunak meets supportersMEETING: Rishi Sunak meets supporters

When asked about his plan to fix the NHS backlog after being told of long ambulance queues at Worcestershire Royal, Mr Sunak said he had a detailed plan in order.

Last week, our sister paper Worcester News reported that a patient filmed a snaking queue of ambulances outside Worcestershire Royal Hospital's Accident and Emergency department.

The paper has also reported long wait times to be seen by a doctor at A&E as well as delays in ambulances reacing patients.

He said: "Yes there is certainly a plan. People saw me during the pandemic stand up very quickly and act radically to put policies in place to help the economy get through some very tough times. 

"I will bring that same degree of urgency and radicalism and grip to all of our public services.

"I have put a detailed plan online about how to get to grips with the NHS backlogs cause its unacceptable that people are deprived of the treatment they need.

Cotswold Journal: CROWD: Supporters listen intently to Rishi Sunak.CROWD: Supporters listen intently to Rishi Sunak.

"My plan will ensure we can get the backlog down quicker. One of the things I have said today that I want to do is to tackle missed appointments.

"Millions of appointments are missed every year and that is depriving people of the care that they desperately need. 

"If we can reduce the number of missed appointments and be a bit tougher about it, we are going to free up doctor's time to help people and get the treatment they need."

Mr Sunak also expressed his excitement for this afternoon's Euros final, predicting an England win.

Cotswold Journal: YOUTH: A young boy speaks to Rishi Sunak in The Cotswolds.YOUTH: A young boy speaks to Rishi Sunak in The Cotswolds.

He said: "Obviously an England victory. I am doing six campaign stops today but we have scheduled time to stop and watch some of the game.

"They have done an amazing job and I have seen first-hand how they have inspired the nation.

"Whatever happens the legacy of this England team will be felt for years to come."