RISHI Sunak MP has told the Cotswold Journal how he plans to tackle the rising cost of living crisis.

Cotswold Journal reporter, Joseph Broady, met the Prime Ministerial candidate in the Cotswolds, where he was visiting as part of his campaign tour.

The campaign tour stopped at Conyeger Farm, in Quenington, Gloucestershire, where Mr Sunak greeted well-wishers and outlined his campaign to members of the public.

When asked about his plan to handle the rising energy bills and cost of living crisis, Mr Sunak acknowledged the Cotswolds as an affected area despite its affluent appearance.

He said: "So as Chancellor, I announced significant support to help people with energy bills.

"It is worth up to £1,200 this year for the most vulnerable families, and you are right, vulnerable families exist everywhere including the Cotswolds which we should not lose sight of.

"Representing a rural area, of course, I appreciate that it might look one way to the outside world, but of course, there are people who are struggling and we need to make sure that they are getting the help they need.

"So £1200 of support already has been announced, but because bills are going to be higher than we thought at the time, I said that I will go further as Prime Minister and I will cut VAT on energy bills starting this autumn, putting more money in peoples pockets."

Mr Sunak also expressed his excitement for this afternoon's Euros final, predicting an England win.

He said: "Obviously an England victory. I am doing six campaign stops today but we have scheduled time to stop and watch some of the game.

"They have done an amazing job and I have seen first-hand how they have inspired the nation.

"Whatever happens the legacy of this England team will be felt for years to come."

The former Chancellor is battling against Conservative Party colleague Liz Truss MP, to become the new leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Although many Conservative members are expected to vote early, they have until the beginning of September to cast their ballot, with the winner announced on September 5.

The two candidates will continue to travel across the country over the coming weeks to try to shore up their support and take part in hustings.