Simon Cowell has been spotted enjoying the best of what Chipping Norton has to offer.

The X-Factor star was seen popping into various High Street shops on Monday and, based on where he went, it is fair to assume he has a secret sweet tooth.

Cowell popped into milkshake shop Tickittyshake and Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe during his visit to the Cotswold town.

Julia Cook, owner of Tickittyshake and neighbouring children’s boutique Tickittyboo, said: “He was very happy to have his photo taken.

“He was extremely kind and lovely! Polite and smiley and he was very complimentary about my staff

“He bought a vanilla shake for his son and some sweets and toys.

“I told the staff to offer it for free but he refused and told the staff he wanted to pay.”

Cotswold Journal: Simon Cowell with Tickittyboo employee Susan FordeSimon Cowell with Tickittyboo employee Susan Forde

It isn’t the first time the Tickitty shops have been visited by famous faces.

“We’ve had David Cameron and Alex James in Tickittyshake a few times.

“We’ve had Amanda Holden in Tickittyboo before and we’ve had Lydia Bright from Towie.”

Cotswold Journal: Simon Cowell with owner of Mr Simms, Nicola HoganSimon Cowell with owner of Mr Simms, Nicola Hogan

Nicola Hogan, owner of Mr Simms, said: “We don't like to give too many details about who visits, and what they buy, we prefer it if they feel they can visit us as normal people.

“The visit was yesterday (25th) and he came in with his son Eric, dog Squiddly and other family members.

“He was delightful, and his son Eric enjoyed exploring the pick 'n' mix.

“They visited other shops and he was very good about having selfies with people along the way.”

As Cowell enjoyed a day of shopping in Chipping Norton, social media went into meltdown as the origins of One Direction were revealed.

Liam Payne had claimed the group had been made around him.

In response, X Factor released previously unseen footage of how the judges created the band.

It showed them first selecting Niall Horan, followed by Harry Styles, and then Louis Tomlinson.

But Cowell was clearly most impressed by Payne.

"He was the standout audition," he said.

The judges toyed with the idea of putting him up as a solo performer before Nicole Scherzinger suggested he could be the "leader" of the DIY boy band.