THE Police and Crime Commissioner Chris Nelson has reacted after Gloucestershire police were placed in special measures. 

Gloucestershire police are among six police forces in England that are currently under special measures, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS) has confirmed.

The watchdog said that Gloucestershire Police plus the MET, Greater Manchester, Cleveland, Staffordshire and Wiltshire are the six forces in its Engage phase of monitoring – also referred to as special measures.

Reaction from the PCC 

Police and Crime Commissioner Chris Nelson said, “I’ve been very clear that the last inspection of the Constabulary highlighted a number of urgent issues that need addressing. 

"This ranges from the way that crimes are recorded to the service that members receive when they call the police for help.

Cotswold Journal:

"These were all issues that I highlighted during my election campaign and have set out plans to tackle them in my Police and Crime Prevention plan.

“These unsatisfactory gradings, the result of a lack of focus and investment, have put Gloucestershire Police into the Inspectorate’s engage process, alongside a number of other police forces.

"I welcome this rigour, as it is helping drive the improvements I want to see to the service that the Constabulary provide to our residents.

“I attend the meetings with the Inspectorate and Home Office, alongside the Chief Constable, and I have been very clear that I am making the investments necessary to put right the years of underinvestment in the front line that has led to this situation.

"I am continuing to hold the chief to account for his work to deliver the sort of sustainable improvements that we require, and have set an expectation that the Constabulary exits ‘special measures’ in the shortest time possible.

"Earlier this week I held a very detailed session scrutinising plans to improve the Force Control Room, and will continue to conduct such sessions until the Inspectorate and I are satisfied that Gloucestershire’s residents receive the sort of service they expect from our Police.”