With airports in chaos, many Brits are looking closer to home for their next holiday.

To make the decision of where a little easier, WellBox set out to find the most peaceful staycation in the UK.

After looking at criteria such as crime rates, population and peaceful outdoor activities, they found that Broadway in Worcestershire was the tenth best option.

And county councillor Elizabeth Eyre isn’t surprised at all.

“Broadway offers it all - tranquility, access to the natural landscape, amazing built heritage, plenty for the children in one of England’s best funded and best run activity parks, stunning boutique shopping, a real focus on quality art, two very different high quality museums and one of England’s most recognisable landmarks - Broadway Tower,” said the councillor.

“To top it all an amazing array of places to eat offering quality produce, the iconic Lygon Arms building and hospitality and a heritage railway! It’s just such a fun place to visit.

“Research is increasingly proving green space improves mental health and heritage buildings create a sense of well-being. What better recommendation for a staycation than Broadway, the jewel in Worcestershire’s crown”

Top of the rankings of the UK’s most tranquil locations was Dartmouth, with a peace score of 81.1 out of 100.

Broadway meanwhile finished with a score of 65 after considering the following categories:

  • Population – 2,540
  • Crime rate (per 1,000 people) – 37
  • Hiking trails – 12
  • Bird watching trails – 3
  • Fishing trails – 0
  • Overall peace score – 65