Art is being auctioned off to raise money for Ukrainian refugees and their animal companions.

Shipston resident Nikki Green and her family have donated 80 works by artist Thelma Madge Green to auction to raise money for TOZ.

The charity is Poland’s oldest animal welfare organisation and has been working at the border with Ukraine, leaving it in desperate need of funds.

When living in Hong Kong, Nikki rescued and rehomed more than 500 dogs and 300 cats and is looking to do all she can to keep Ukrainian refugees and their pets together.

 “The heartbreak and guilt at having to abandon an animal you love who is 100 per cent dependent on you stays with you for a lifetime,” said Nikki.

“Why make these people suffer more, when together we can help keep these families complete?”

Cotswold Journal: Apprenticeship - one of the 80 works being auctionedApprenticeship - one of the 80 works being auctioned

The online auction launched at the start of June and bidding runs until 6pm on July 15.

All the paintings can be viewed online and winners will need to pick up their works from either Shipston or Leamington Spa.

International art dealer and presenter of BBC One’s Fake or Fortune? Philip Mould said: “It is profoundly pleasurable to own an original artwork, I personally can’t imagine life without it.

“It not only acknowledges the skills of a committed artist as Thelma was, but it also helps people who have lost everything, to at least keep their pets with them.

“Join me in placing a bid for a better and more joyous life.”