Evesham Labour Party came together for the first-time post-pandemic.

New chair of the Evesham branch, Mike Harland, was eager to meet some of the new members who have joined since their last in-person meetup.

He said: “I am delighted that we can now meet after the pandemic and I hope more of our local members will be actively engaged over the coming months.

“We plan from now on to meet regularly to discuss local issues and build up our campaign for next year’s District Council elections.

“Our aim is to increase our visibility in Evesham and the surrounding area.”

Meeting at St Ecgwins Club on Thursday, June 16, Evesham Labour Party welcomed guest speaker Steve Akers from Chipping Norton.

Elected in May, Mr Akers explained how the West Oxfordshire group managed to increase Labour representation on the Town Council from one to 12 out of 16 in recent years.

After, he posted on Facebook: “I was honoured to be invited to speak at the Evesham Labour Party Summer Social on 'How We Turned Chippy Red' - I hope that in some small way it will lead to Evesham going the same way!

“It was a lovely evening with beautiful weather.

“I wish Evesham and Mid-Worcestershire Labour comrades every success in future election campaigns.

“We discussed reciprocal visits to support each other’s election candidates.”

New youth officer for the Evesham Labour Party, Romeo Bond, also spoke about how everyone can get involved in the party’s campaign.

Roger Woollen, who recently moved to the town and joined the organising group for the branch, said: “It was great to meet like-minded people and encouraging to have such a positive message.”

Another new member, Jake Eldridge, added: “It is heartening to meet a group of such warm-natured and passionate people, organising to put the needs of people and communities at the forefront of local and national government.”