A Cotswold farm needs help naming a critically endangered horse born at the site.

Celebrity farmer Adam Henson and the team at Cotswold Farm Park welcomed the arrival of a Suffolk Punch foal last week when mare, Lexy, gave birth to the chestnut filly on May 1.

Now, Mr Henson is asking the farm’s social media followers to help pick a name for the new-born.

He said: “Can you help me name this gorgeous foal?

“I’m very pleased to announce that Lexy gave birth to her new-born on May first and I’m delighted to share that she had a filly!”

Cotswold Journal: Mare Lexy with her new foalMare Lexy with her new foal

Lexy and the as-yet-unnamed foal are healthy and currently staying with expert breeders, Mike and Alison Clarke, at Holbeache Suffolks.

Visitors can share their suggestions for a name by commenting Adam Henson or the Cotswold Farm Park’s recent social media posts.

The farm will announce the filly’s name soon, along with details on when the foal and Lexy will arrive back at their paddock.