The travellers' horse fair is once again taking place in Stow this week, with hundreds of visitors flocking to the town from across the UK.

With such a large influx of visitors, many people in the community have raised concerns.

To address these, the Cotswold District Council and local police have agreed to be on-site throughout the event to "monitor compliance".

Inspector Simon Ellson from Gloucestershire Constabulary said: “Officers from my team will be patrolling the area this week to ensure that everyone attending complies with regulations.

“Anyone who has concerns is asked to contact the Neighbourhood Policing Team by calling Stow Police Station on 01452 907 273 or 101.

“We will continue to engage, explaining and encouraging people to follow the regulations, whilst using enforcement where people knowingly flout the law and put lives at risk.

“We would like to thank the traveller community in advance for their cooperation."

The traveller community has been meeting in the town for the biannual event since 1476.

The fair began as a sheep fair for the Cotswold wool trade but evolved into selling other animals and is now considered a key event in the traveller, gipsy and Romany calendars.

This year's fair began on Monday and will continue until Friday, May 13.