The owner of a Moreton-based business will be appearing on television alongside an iconic chef this Thursday.

Vincenzo Gentile, co-founder of the Smokin' Brothers brand, will be competing with 11 other food entrepreneurs for a life-changing investment of £150,000 from Gordon Ramsay himself.

Ramsay will be putting the competitors through their paces in his new show 'Future Food Stars' and the first episode of the show airs on Thursday, March 31 on BBC 1 at 9pm. 

Mr Gentile said: "Obviously, it's Gordon so it is a very challenging man and a strong character.

Cotswold Journal: Vincenzo Gentile to appear on a new TV show with Gordon Ramsay Vincenzo Gentile to appear on a new TV show with Gordon Ramsay

"He was there to challenge us physically and mentally to our limit.

"But at the same time, I saw a man that was trying to put us in a comfortable position as much as he could.

"It's an entertainment business and we were there to be challenged so, what I saw was someone who knew he had to challenge us but was trying to do it in a kind way.

"I saw a tough strong personality but a kind man."

Mr Gentile explained that the process of appearing on 'Future Food Stars' has been around 18 months in the making.

He was first contacted in 2019 but the process has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr Gentile has a rich history of creating smoked salmon in the Cotswolds.

He added: "I have always had a wonderful relationship with Daylesford farm (a farm shop near Moreton)

"They were the first people ever who believed in me and my brand.

"I used to be an employee for Daylesford many years ago and then I had the opportunity to build a relationship with the management first and then the CEO and I presented a business plan to them that I wanted to take the responsibility of running the Smokehouse.

"I was given the opportunity to try, so I was there for a few months trying to fix the smokehouse which was not operating at the time.

"Then, when this was set up I sent some products to the CEO, they loved the product and we made a deal where I'd be producing for Daylesford and produce Daylesford organic smoked salmon and at the same time open my own brand and business."

Mr Gentile is co-founder of the Smokin' Brothers brand alongside Alessandro Basaldella and Iacopo Fincanto, three friends who are originally from Italy.