A BUSINESS owner has had an emotional reunion with the firefighter who saved his live following a heart attack.

Steve Taylor met up with Pip Blair, the firefighter who attended a fire at his Winchcombe Farm in January, presenting a bouquet as a thank you for saving his life.

Mr Taylor, 64, collapsed from a heart attack while trying to fight the blaze at the holiday home he runs with his wife in January.

He awoke to Pip performing CPR on him, saving his life.

He said: "Pip is a very special person. On the night of the fire I remember my sight going and collapsing onto the stone slabs. Then my heart stopped for three minutes.

"The next thing I remember was Pip’s warm arms above me and a feeling of safety.

"I knew I had come back from a cold, dark, silent place. It was a surreal experience and I owe her my life."

Pip was among the crew from Banbury who attended, managing to resuscitate Mr Taylor after carrying out CPR for more than 20 minutes.

On the night of the incident, Pip, who previously worked in the Ambulance Service, was called away from the fire by colleagues to attend to Mr Taylor, whom she had to shock three times following his collapse.

She said: "It’s pretty rare to get someone back from cardiac arrest of the extent that Steve had suffered.

"I’ve only had one other similar case where they survived in my seven years in the ambulance and fire service. He was a very lucky man.

"It was the most amazing feeling when he finally came round. I asked him to squeeze my hand and he did. Everyone was so relieved.

"It was so lovely to see him again the other day. When I walked in, there were big smiles, he gave me a big hug and we had a really long chat. It was quite emotional really.

"The worst part about my job is we do the best we can to help people, whether it’s putting a fire out or administering first aid, and then go and don’t see the aftermath of it all, so it’s good to know there’s a happy ending to this one."

Mr Taylor, his wife Jo and their two children are still counting the cost of the blaze which was started by an ember from their log burner.

They are now living in temporary accommodation in one of their guest lodges while the repairs are being assessed.