Clarkson’s Farm has been slammed for promoting poor safety behaviour.

Last week, fans were treated to a first glimpse of the upcoming second season of the Amazon series.

The photos did not come without controversy, with independent charity Farm Safety Foundation condemning Jeremy Clarkson and the antics of his co-stars.

One of the photos showed Kaleb Cooper balancing on the front of the tractor.

Stephanie Berkeley, manager of the charity, said: “I just felt that this programme is introducing a whole new audience to our hard-working industry and it could show the very best that British agriculture has to offer.

“The sad fact is that agriculture continues to have the poorest safety record of any occupation in the UK but we are working hard to change that through our education programme, research and awareness campaigns like Farm Safety Week and Mind Your Head.

“This programme could be a great way to help improve attitudes and behaviours so it is a pity that they chose to use this particular photo displaying such poor safety behaviour.”

According to statistics from the Health and Safety Executive, farming accounted for 20 per cent of workplace fatalities, despite farm workers making up just one per cent of the country’s workforce.