Ever wondered what would happen if the Government Communications Headquarters got hit by a nuclear weapon?

Well, the positive news is, if you live in the north Cotswolds, you would be perfectly fine.

A clever interactive tool developed by outrider.org allows you to simulate the effects of a 300 kiloton nuclear warhead being dropped wherever you like.

The rolling hills of the Cotswolds probably aren’t the first place that would be targeted in such an event.

If however, GCHQ in Cheltenham were to be struck, the outer radius of the blast would stretch more than 48 miles, taking it to just outside Bishop’s Cleeve.

But should a nuclear weapon with the power of the Tsar Bomb, 50,000 kilotons, find its way to GCHQ, residents of the Cotswolds would be less fortunate.

Bourton, Stow, Moreton and Shipston would all find themselves in the outer radius of the blast, known as “heat”.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean death, the outcome isn’t the most positive.

According to Outrider: "Anyone within this radius would have severe or fatal third-degree burns.

"Within the radius shown here, wood, clothing, paper, and plastics would catch fire.”