A Cotswold councillor has called for Boris Johnson’s resignation following the Prime Minister's admission that he attended a party in lockdown.

Paul Hodgkinson, Gloucestershire County councillor for Bourton, has slammed the “unforgiveable” actions of the PM, stating that he cannot be allowed to continue in his position.

In a letter to MP for the Cotswolds and treasurer of the 1922 Committee, Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, councillor Hodgkinson wrote: “You will know from your inbox just how angry, frustrated and appalled people are at the endless revelations about the Prime Minister lying and flouting lockdown rules.

“It really is to be expected that so many people in the Cotswolds feel this way, given the two years of restrictions, pain and suffering we have all had to endure.”

He added: “This behaviour from the man supposed to be showing leadership is unforgivable. He cannot continue in office after such a breach of trust.

“He has repeatedly failed to be honest and only after damning evidence was produced publicly did he issue an apology, despite continuing to claim that he was at a ‘work event’. No one believes this and if he thinks we do he is deluded.”

Councillor Hodgkinson finished his letter by calling on Sir Clifton-Brown to demand the resignation of the PM and to report him to the police for investigation.

“Anything less than this will show to the people of the Cotswolds that you are not prepared to be brave and enable a new leader to tackle the major problems the country faces,” he added.

The Conservative councillor for Stow, Mark MacKenzie-Charrington, has responded to councillor Hodgkinson’s letter, believing the Prime Minister’s actions to be a “trivial” matter.

He said: “Paul Hodgkinson not surprisingly has called for the Conservative Prime Minister’s resignation as he’s a Liberal Democrat and will use every opportunity to have a crack if he feels it will enhance his profile in the community.

“Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown has publicly made it quite clear on several occasions what he thinks about the situation.

“I suggest that we all wait the outcome of the independent review before leaping to conclusions. To be frank I feel that it is a great shame that the government isn’t left to carry on running the country, which it has done extremely well since coming to power, leaving trivial matters to die a natural death.

“That said I’m not condoning any illegal acts, but everything is proportional.”