Jeremy Clarkson saw his proposals for a 60-seat cafe or restaurant at his farm rejected by West Oxfordshire District Council earlier this week.

Some 70 objections were made to the plans online, with just 17 in support.

Several of those commenting on the plans were residents of Chipping Norton, with the majority opposing the idea.

One objection, made by John Weir of The Green, read: “I frequently use the road between chipping Norton and Chadlington and since the TV series has popularised the Diddly squat farm shop, the parking on the single-track road has become in my view dangerous.

“Sunday December 19 the car park was a quagmire, cars were parked for 1/3 mile down the road creating a single-track road.

“Aggressive driving, people not used to country courtesy, meant the traffic jammed up and pedestrians and children were wondering across the road randomly making their way to the shop.”

Meanwhile, Janice Brice of Brassey Close, commented: “Although not a resident of Chadlington, my husband and I need to visit our daughters, one of whom has a disability, fairly often and therefore we have seen the chaos caused on the road down to the village, particularly at weekends and Bank Holidays.

“Yesterday (December 30 2021) was a particularly bad experience, with traffic queued just off the A361 junction and very many cars parked on the A361 as well as the road to the village. The grass verges have been badly damaged as a result and the situation has become very dangerous. This should definitely not be allowed to be passed under these circumstances.”

One Chipping Norton resident who supported the idea was Alastair Sinclair of Whitehouse Lane.

His comment read: “Given the remoteness of location and there being a set number of covers a restaurant can manage at any point in time, all objections regarding increased traffic are a fallacy.

“With use of online reservations, changing use to a restaurant will regularise visitors and be a positive to those concerned a chance of use will increase disruption.

“This is a positive change bringing additional employment to the area, along with knock-on positive economic stimulus to the town of Chipping Norton.”