A Moreton-based company has been awarded its invention that has solved a huge issue for pregnant women.

Anna Pregnancy Pillow, by Natal Comfort, is the first front-lying pregnancy pillow suitable for both expecting mothers and their new-borns.

Natal Comfort was founded in January 2021 and has its hottest product has now been named the Best Innovative Product Design (for parents) at the Junior Design Awards

Karli Büchling, inventor of Anna Pregnancy Pillow, said: “We are so excited that Anna is now an award-winning product!

“This is a testament to all the hard work we've put into creating a great pregnancy pillow that continues to help all women have a comfortable, healthy and positive pregnancy.”

A spokesperson of the Junior Design Awards said: “Ask a pregnant woman what she misses most and the answer might be sushi, it could be soft cheese but it’s often simply the ability to lie on their front!

“Our panel was super impressed with this design that allows mothers to do just this all the way through their pregnancy and were fascinated to learn that lying on your front with your bump completely supported not only relieves the pressure felt on your hips, back and joints, but also has a range of medical proven benefits such as increased placenta performance and assisting with optimal foetal positioning.

“The judges loved this lightweight moulded foam cushion that they felt would be of benefit to so many women and the added bonus that it can be used as a baby pod when those nine months are up.”

The pillow has also been celebrated by influencer Chloe Thurston, who has 115k followers on her account @chloeuberkids.

She said: “I had a friend who always complained she couldn't lie on her front during pregnancy so I think there is a definite market for a pillow that aids women with this!”